University: Latvia vs Germany

In my home country I study different aspects of the English language such as: reading, academic writing, speaking as well as geography and history of the United kingdom and Norther Ireland, history of English language, different aspects of linguistics, and of course Literature throughout the centuries. 

During my studies in Germany, I have selected courses that would be analogous to the subjects I’d have in my home country plus some for my pure pleasure. Of course I could not find a match to all of my courses because it is perfectly normal to have different English teaching programs in all the European countries.

Further I want to present you my viewpoints and give some feedback on the topic concerning school system and other things I came across during the first month of studying in the Leipzig University. I would also like to compare some nuances with my Alma Mater.

There are some huge differences regarding the two universities that are: timing, student’s ID, examination, lectures, and pressure.

First I will start with extremely important question concerning timing. In the University of Leipzig lectures start at 9:15am, whereas in the University of Latvia they begin at 8:30am. My attitude towards this diversity is highly positive as sleep for a student is so important. 45 minutes is fairly enough if one loves to have a saturated student’s life. I would claim this as an advantage.

Then I’d like to move on to the next question concerning the student’s ID card. In Leipzig is called a UniCard. This card is very practical because it has great many functions. One can put money on it in order to pay for the food in the cafeteria. This is a prevalence for students because only they can eat in the cafeteria. Then another privilege of this card is that it allows students to use public transportation for free on working days between 7pm and 5am and full-time on public holidays and weekends. This card is also exceptional because one can  pay for printing and copying things with it, and naturally take books from a library. I think this card is fantastic combining all these functions while in my country student’s ID card is useful only for the university’s library. 

Further I would like to discuss, lectures, examination, and pressure during the studies. First of all I want to specify that a student in Germany has certainly more free time than a student in Latvia, therefore they have so many parties during the working days and on weekends. For me, as an exchange student, I have a pretty free schedule. There are practically no tests during the studies, yet one must read or sometimes prepare for the courses. Secondly, for final evaluation in the courses together there will be few test, approximately 2-3 presentations, and 2 short oral examinations. Whereas in my university I would be ‘sweating’ through out the semester. There must be 2-3 tests or assignments during the semester, regular homework and for the final assessment there is a whole month that is called examination period where there are oral and written exams. Maybe I am used to my previous experience, but for me a ‘hard work’ and a very good mark in reward is something priceless. Mostly it is because the mark one gets is a mirror of one’s knowledge. While in Germany the assessment is quite inadequate. Now I am most intrigued by things preceding and evolving further.

To conclude, there can be knowledge without judgement, but there can be no judgement without knowledge.

P.S. In addittion I’d like to post few wonderful pictures I have taken at the fun fair called Kleinmesse.

University: Latvia vs Germany

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