On Paranoia

In Margaret Atwood’s novel “Bodily Harm” the main protagonist experiences a continuous mania of being watched. Thus largely negative personal experiences cause a personality confrontation. The main heroine undergoes a breach of body and identity:

She began to see herself from the outside, as if she was a moving target in someone else’s binoculars. She could even hear the silent commentary: Now she’s opening the bean sprouts, now she’s cooking an omelette, now she’s eating is, now she’s washing off the plate. Now she’s sitting down in the livingroom, nothing much going on. Now she’s getting up, she’s going in to the bedroom, she’s taking off her shoes, she’s turning out the light. Next comes the good part. (p.40)

I found this passage somewhat hilarious because it gives an opportunity to look at thing around oneself from an opposite perspective.

xoxo Nina

On Paranoia

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