Unconditional Love

I don’t know if you have read George Sand’s La Petite Fadette (1849), but it is about twin brothers: Landry and Sylvient. They are so alike, but also so different. They are family. Their brotherhood is somewhat similar to the sisterhood of my sister and me. 

My sister and I, we are not twins, but sometimes I wish we were because then it would be so much fun. Nevertheless, we are very alike. Since our childhood we have been always together: sleeping, playing, and fighting. We have done a lot of mean and childish things to each other, some of which I still regret and will never forgive myself. I don’t know why, but I have always been the angry child. She, on the other hand, was calm and lovable.

As the years passed by we still continued to sleep together, but our emotional bond was not that strong anymore. Our interests were different, and the schools too. Then one time, I can’t really remember when, we developed a common ground that was books. In the secondary school I was so passionate about books that I somehow got the attention of my sister back. My proposals for her to begin to read books that I found the most interesting was an amazing idea to do. However, sometimes I told her about a book “You wouldn’t understand it,” when she immediately wanted to read it. This works only with those people who have a temper and spitefulness. Our mutual discussions, self-discovering, and philosophical contemplations began.

Since then, when I read a good book, I always suggested it to her. And when she read it, we discussed the most emotional, and provocative things, as well as, ideas to that we totally disagreed and why. The view on the world became mutual to us. Words, languages, humor, irony, sarcasm, movies, rights, education, fashion, etc. became the essence of our existence. She became ‘my person’ and I hers. 

To be one’s person for us means that this person will never reveal any secret of yours; you can tell that person everything and not be judged. Ok, sometimes through joking you might judge each other a bit, but the secret would still be safe between you two. The other person also knows what you are thinking and how you are feeling by your facial expression and the tone of your voice. This person will help you to think of a rational way out of a hard situation. She always knows the right things to say TO ME! She is my sister.


P.S. My sister is graduating the secondary school today and I am not with her. She turned out to be much more that I expected and all by herself.

Unconditional Love

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