La critique d’un film

Only recently I was finally able to watch the film which I longed for months to see. When I first saw the trailer of “Hello I Must Be Going”, I was completely carried away by its simple jet completely tangled story. Moreover, I would never have tought that I will be so fascinated by its plot and the different characters portrayed.

The main story line evolves around a 35 years old female who is going through a divorce. At first, it might seem as nothing special, but this time let just not take everything at face value. The first thing that strikes me is that this woman has lives for three months with her parents doing nothing. Moreover, her mother has to worry about herself and her husband, but again about her daughter who being an educated woman, an artist who ran away not taking any belongings with her. Then later it turned out that after marriage she devoted herself to the husband an his needs by quitting her studies; whereas now she is left without a penny. For days she is this sad, pathetic, and miserable divorcee.

The next awkward episode is when she has to attend her father’s business dinner. During the meal she is reproached for excessive vine drinking to which she replies that it is good for her health meaning the antioxidants. On the other end of the table a 19 years old guy is overtly flattered by his mother about his acting skills. Somehow they bond because misery loves company. As a result, the begin to like each other because they feel alike.

The next thing we know, they start a love affair. She is finally able to speak with someone about her situation without being judged, and over time also he reveals his problems with his therapist mother who tends to over-analyze him. Therefore, compassion lead to passion even though they are completely aware of the situation they are getting into. Moreover, people are never free from the norms and taboos imposed by the society, and also it is okay for the guy to be older than the woman, but not the other way round. At that point I though, of course, neither of them had any expectations that is why it was so easy to dive in.

When they have ‘exchanged’ with their greatest desires and the saddest life challenges and other difficulties, they are caught in the act by his mother. Although he managed to get finely out of the situation, she decided to put an end to this love affair, in my opinion, I think she felt guilty to be that happy. The next time they meet, she has pulled herself together and discloses to him that she was so used to her marriage that she did not even notice the fact that she was unhappy and that his age was not the major problem, but that she feared and did not understand what it was to be loved like that. At the end nothing is said about their future together, but I do not think that it even matters.

I think that the topic of relationships will evermore be up-to-date because people love to judge other people who divorce, who are getting married, and who can not get married, as well as, those who enter into a relationship with partners  inappropriate for their age. I think that the greatest tragedies of all time come from misunderstandings.   

What I also do not understand is that people have rated this film as average. Is that what they are not willing to admit – the mediocrity of their own lives?

P.S. This film had also one of the most amazing soundtracks I have heard for a long time.


La critique d’un film

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