The Child

The other day after the lectures and on my way to the train station I noticed a child. He had this funny had that I and my sister had to wear when we were little (in the 90’s). I would like to describe the hat: it was kind a hat with a scarf that had a round opening for the face; this little chap’s hat was light blue with white stripes. Then he had this awfully huge rucksack that had one written word on its – COOL. This boy had this pace that made him look weary, apathetic, and a bit lame, yet there was nothing lame about this boy. When the light changed green, I though why a boy approximately of age 7 or 8 is walking alone, but then…

On the crossing, his little man bows to give all his change for an old trams who to my opinion enjoys to have a drink or two, but that was not the point. I was completely astonished by his behaviour since he was not judging the trams like I do sometimes: to whom should I give my change, does he or she deserves it, and so forth. Did his parents tought him that? What was he thinking? I have no answers to these and may more questions, but it does not matter because I could never stop thinking or forget the hero of that day who was most certainly cool.


The Child

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