On Circus

I have always had this weird fascination with circus. Once I even went to explore the backside of the Riga Circus to see how the elephants are brought through the small streets of the city center. I even took my friend with me. Finally, it seemed reasonable enough and I dismissed the idea out of my head.

Today I watched the new film made by the Cirque du Soleil. Instantly my fascination came back. The performances by the acrobats, the development of technologies, and the various, colourful costumes together looked breathtaking.

At first, I thought that the circus was from Monaco, since I had already heard something about it, but this circus is actually from Canada (I presume the French-speaking part). It was created in 1984 and till today it incorporates many performers all around the world, as well as, athletes who have ended their carriers in sports.

The best thing that I liked in this film was the fact that the artists were so amazing that there was no need for acting animals. The show had its main story line which was about falling in love. A kind of cliché, but it was logically developed throughout each of the following acts.

Another thing that caught my attention was a huge pool in the middle of the stage. Various creatures, with shiny costumes came out of it and jumped in it. It is possible that its creatures, depths and dangers, and unpredictability made the waters so ambiguous.

It would be impolite to compare this circus with the Riga Circus because the circus in Riga does not have that much space for so many performers to act at a time, the ticket prices are much more reasonable for those who still feel the economic crisis, yet the shows in Riga are more intimate since everything is much closer to you not only literally, but also figuratively.

To conclude, at some point I would agree with those people who assert that animals are treated badly in such places like circus, but on the other hand, do not we all have some rules that we have or we think we have to obey, some imaginary ‘boxes’ we live in to be better or simply to meet the society’s expectations? Moreover, there is no clear knowledge about the particular circumstances in which the animals live; therefore, let’s just not paint everything black or white.


On Circus

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